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Event Media

Media Policy

  • All media passes are issued on a per event bases.  This includes anyone whether photo, video or press. 
  • All media must have the appropriate passes visible at all times.
  • All media are required to dress appropriately.  Sandals are prohibited.  Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.  Absolutely NO tank tops, muscle shirts or cut-off pants.
  • Any and all videos and photos are the property of RPM Sports and may not be used for resale or commercial without written approval.
  • Track access is permitted to pre approved photographers and videographers only.
  • Track access for media is limited to those areas that are a safe distance from obstacles and track edge as to not endanger themselves or competitors. 
  • Media is prohibited from interfering with the race, race equipment or race personnel. 
  • All media is prohibited to cross track during a race.
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