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2015 Ponca City
AMA Amateur Championship
July 16-19, 2015



Registration IS OPEN

2015 Ponca City AMA Amateur Championship
July 16-19, 2015

Registration is now open
Online registration is now open for classes

Weekend Schedule of Events:
Thursday, July 16 – “Optional Practice Day”
Gate times: 7 am – Midnight
Optional Practice Day Registration – 8 am
Optional Practice Day Practice – 11 am
Pre and Post Race Registration will begin at 1 pm

Friday, July 17
Gate times: 6:30 am – 11:00 pm
Race Registration: 7 am
Rider’s Meeting: 8:30 am
2 lap practice at 9 am with racing to immediately follow
2 moto format with site laps before each moto
Nightly activities TBA

Saturday, July 18
Gate times: 6:30 am – 11:00 pm
8 am site laps for all bike sizes big bikes to small bikes
Racing begins at 8:30 am
Site lap before each moto
Nightly activities TBA

Sunday, July 19
Gates open at 6:30 am
8 am site lap for all bike sizes big bikes to small bikes
Racing begins at 8:30 am
Site lap before each moto

Wednesday, July 15 – Official Rider Pull in Day
Gates open at 8 am and close at 11 pm



  • The following gates fees are per person
  • Wednesday – Sunday = $50/person
  • Thursday – Sunday= $40.00/person
  • Friday – Sunday = $35.00/person
  • 2 day weekend Saturday/Sunday local pass - $10.00 per day or $15.00 for both days. For local spectators only, you must have a valid Oklahoma ID/Driver’s License.
  • Pit Vehicle pass - $25.00.

RV Electrcial/Water hook-ups

  • Wednesday – Sunday = $175.00
  • Thursday – Sunday = $150.00
  • Friday – Sunday = $150.00


  • $75.00 - 1st class POST registration will be $15.00 per class higher
  • $65.00 - 2nd class
  • $50.00 - 3rd class




RV ELECTRICAL/WATER HOOK-UP:  Cost for RV spot for the entire event is $150.00.  These will be sold first come first serve. 


PARKING AND CAMPING:  See parking fees above.  All parking and gate fees MUST be paid in full before entering the park.  NO PERSONAL CHECK WILL BE ACCEPTED.  All vehicles must have camping permits visibly displayed.  Please enter the park with friends you want to camp with.  We CANNOT hold spaces for them.  RV hook-ups are paid in advance and are 1st come 1st serve basis.  If you are sending someone in your place to park your rig in your RV spot purchased, a letter of approval must accompany the person parking your rig.  They must produce identification.


See general information below for cancellation procedures.


This event is an AMA sanctioned event.  If you are not a member, you can go to www.amadirectlink.com and join online.  Make sure to print off your receipt and bring with you to the track in the event you do not get your membership card in.  You can also join at the track. YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE A SINGLE EVENT MEMBERSHIP AT THE TRACK FOR $20.00   Our friendly staff will be able to assist you with this!     


 Avoid Lines on Race Day


RIDING NUMBERS/COLORS:  To assure accuracy in scoring, there will be no duplicate numbers.  Early entry will reserve your number.  If registering online, you will be prompted to pick a different number if your number is already taken.  You will need to do this to proceed with the online registration.  You MUST have contrasting numbers and plate backgrounds.  Example:  White #/Black Background or Black Background/White #.


MINORS:  Riders under 18 years of age are Minors.  Parent or legal guardian or “authorized adult” MUST complete a minor release at the track during registration.  In the case of an “authorized adult”, he/she must provide notarized original legal documentation of said authorization of guardianship with minor release to registration clerk at pre and post registration.  RPM, LLC will retain the original said documentation as property owned by them.  Authorized adults should retain a copy for their records or needs.  All persons signing a minor release must remain with said minor until the conclusion of the event or until competition is complete.  All people signing any release with minor must be prepared to show proof of identity and guardianship.  Please download the form on our website at www.rpmsportsonline.com or call our office at 205-699-8857 to obtain a copy of the said release.  If you are the legal parent, you do not have to fill this form out, only someone that is responsible for your minor child other than the legal parent for the duration of the event.  If you are coming to the event with your child, the minor release online is not necessary, you will do all of your signing at the track.


We will have email access at the track, but will not be able to receive any facsimiles.

STARTING GATE PROCEDURES:  NO TOOLS OR FARMING IN FRONT OF STARTING GATE.  ONE mechanic per rider allowed in staging.  Mechanic MUST have mechanic pass on, and rider MUST have wristband on to be allowed on the gate


PRACTICE:  The staging areas will be used for all groups practicing.  ALL riders must have practice stickers and wristbands on.  NO turning around or cutting lanes to retry sections of the track.  NO stopping on the track.


MANDATORY RIDER’S MEETING:  This will take place on Friday, July 17, 2015 at 8:00 am.   It is very important that you attend this meeting.  Topics of discussion will include safety, caution flags, protest scoring, qualifying divisions, stock rules and many other important topics.


TRACKSIDE TRANSPONDERS will be REQUIRED:  Go to www.escoremx.com for more information.  You will be able to rent or purchase your transponders at the track.


AWARDS:  Awards given 1st – 7th




NO CHECKS allowed at the track.  CASH ONLY accepted for gate fees, camping at gate.  We do accept ALL major credit cards for post registration at the track for entries ONLY.  Additional fees apply for credit card charges.


WRISTBANDS MUST be worn at all times.  They will be put on you upon arrival at the gate, and we ask that you not take them off.  You will need your wristband to register, practice, race and while in the park.  PLEASE PUT THEM ON AND KEEP THEM ON.   If your wristband becomes tattered and worn, you may exchange it with someone at the registration tower.  You will need to show your receipt.  Make sure to bring the torn wristband with you and it if is lost, you will need to purchase a new one.


ABSOLUTELY NO TRESPASSING outside the fenced boundaries of the Mx park.


NO JUMPING THE FENCE!  No persons or unauthorized vehicles are permitted within the boundaries of the race course, for any reason, any time.  We have ample staff to take care of ALL situations that may arise.  Jumping any of the fences could be ground for disqualification of your rider or riders.


NO HUNTING or firearms allowed.


CAMPFIRES   MUST be contained within a metal barrier


NO LITTERING:  Trash containers are provided.  If they are full, please bag your garbage and set it next to the existing barrel for pick-up.  Please BAG all garbage.  We appreciate this very much!  We provide on the premise receptacles for gas and oil dumping.


CAMPING:  The electrical hook-ups are only to be used by the one vehicle or person paying for the designated spot.  We do not allow sharing of electricity.   We have showers for those that do not have water hook-ups.  There are several locations on site for you to fill your water barrels.


 NO DUMPING:  There is NO dumping of any tanks whatsoever of motor homes or campers.  This will be strictly enforced, and we appreciate your cooperation!  Violators will be fined and ejected from the property.  Daily pumping service is usually available for a fee.


DO NOT SET UP BUSINESS IN YOUR PIT AREA!!   No videoing or photography for resale on or off the premise of Ponca City Mx Park.   Persons may do so for personal use only (NOT ON TRACK)   ABSOULETELY NO vending or merchandising of any type without prior approval of RPM Sports.




cancellations: Email only and are in the form of a raincheck that can be used at any RPM Sports event throughout the year.    No phone cancellations.  All    cancellations MUST be emailed to Jamie@rpmsportsonline.com by Monday, July 13 midnight.  After July 13, 2014, there will be NO  rain checks issued. You will receive a confirmation that your cancellation has been received.   



Physical Address for shipments:  These need to be UPS or Fed EX ONLY.  No postal delivery to the track

When having something shipped to the track, make sure to put rider’s name on the package.  You will need to have some proof of identification when picking up packages. Deliveries to the track will begin on Monday, July 13, 2015.




All UPS and Fed Express shipments need to be sent to:        1005 West Prospect Avenue

                                                                                                                Ponca City, OK  74601


Make sure the rider’s name is on the package when you ship.




Contact information:  Office:  205-699-8857

                                        Email:  Jamie@rpmsportsonline.com (this may get a faster response)                                   


  Minor Participants:  If your parent or legal guardian is not coming with you to this event, please print off the release and have it signed and notarized by your parent or legal guardian.  On the bottom of the form, please put who will be with you and in charge of decisions regarding you.  THIS is JUST for riders UNDER the AGE OF 18    
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